4 secret beauty recipes Beauty from the inside out

Beauty Recipe: Brown Sugar Body Scrub + Milk =
Add the right amount of brown sugar in milk , regular consumption can soften and exfoliates the skin surface , the equivalent of natural body scrub . (http://vegetarianpluebeauty.blogspot.com).

Beauty Recipe: yogurt + honey = save skin redness
We all know that yogurt honey mask nourish the skin effect, in fact, there are other magical mix orally Oh , can soothe calm the skin , improve skin redness symptoms. Beauty Recipe: safflower oil + sunflower = scalp treatment to replace home cooking oil safflower oil and sunflower oil , alternating between moderate consumption, you will find that dandruff will gradually disappear without it anyway . Beauty Recipe: Green tea + water = moisturizing efficacy of green tea a lot , in addition to containing polyphenols which have strong antioxidant , can help slow the aging outside . It also has the effect of moisturizing Oh Beauty Recipes : ! Chamomile tea with lemon juice + = effect of lemon juice to brighten the color of the skin is concerned with a whitening effect , chamomile tea, lemon juice and mix together well to brighten hair color . In addition to the above there are some like these outer beauty recipes , they also have amazing cosmetic effect , Epsom salt + oil + almond oil + cinnamon cinnamon sandalwood oil + oil equivalent of hand and foot scrub , rose oil and coconut milk mashups can support a good skin milk bath . (http://vegetarianpluebeauty.blogspot.com).

Beauty Recipe: Green Tea Moisturizer + water =
Effectiveness of green tea a lot , in addition to containing polyphenols which have strong antioxidant , can help slow the aging outside . It also has the effect of moisturizing Oh ! (http://vegetarianpluebeauty.blogspot.com).

Beauty Recipe: Chamomile tea + lemon juice to brighten the color =
Lemon juice is concerned with the skin whitening effect , chamomile tea, lemon juice and mix together well to brighten the color effect.
In addition to the above there are some like these outer beauty recipes , they also have amazing cosmetic effect , Epsom salt + oil + almond oil + cinnamon cinnamon sandalwood oil + oil equivalent of hand and foot scrub , rose oil and coconut milk mashups can support a good skin milk bath . (http://vegetarianpluebeauty.blogspot.com).


Nine kinds of magical fruit beauty methods

Still eat fruits and drink fruit juice ? Then you are out of . In addition to eating and drinking , you can not think of fruit as well as a variety of beauty and health effects , for example, you can use pomegranate juice instead of water mask with avocado instead of cream, whitening toothpaste instead of using kiwi fruit ...... so magical beauty law , how can you can you miss ?

If you only know that Apple can thin , bananas can increase satiety, you OUT ! There are more than 400 kinds of fruit all over the world , almost every kind of treatment has unexpected results.

In fact , at the same time enjoy the sweet juice , while you can get good skin , good tone and a good body !

1 instead of moisturizing mask with pomegranate

AHA maximum effect is to help the dermal layer absorbs moisture , after the woman is 25 years old, the skin gradually reduce acid composition , weekly moisturizing mask has become necessary to do homework .

Pomegranate in the acid component of Apple's three times 2.2 times the grape , which is the main component of a new generation of global beauty products is the reason pomegranate juice . Skin experts pointed out that as long as a half- eaten pomegranate , can achieve the effect of the mask replenishment plays . If you squeezed pomegranate juice , drops in the face, 10 minutes after the wash , then the next day the skin will become juicy !

2 with grapefruit instead of chewing gum

Chinese experts pointed out that more than 60 percent of the " tone issues " from stomach . Peppermint chewing gum composition in the oral cavity only temporarily relieve residual Stomach , stomach can not fundamentally solve the problem , and therefore does not breath freshening effects of the gum over 2 hours .

Grapefruit citral ingredients can effectively reduce the rate of gastric acid secretion , reduce the incidence of stomach , in general, every morning to eat grapefruit 3,4 flap , one day you will have fresh breath !

3 replaced with avocado cream

Per 100 grams of avocado contains 30 grams of fat and a lot of protein , which can provide high-quality protein supplement nutrients dermis beneath the eyelids , repair the skin after sunburn . American cinema days after Gwyneth Paltrow is often replaced with avocado cream to moisten her dry skin .

Avocado stem fatty acid composition is very close to the skin , substitute cream with avocado, allows now have a " skin surface lipid membranes ", even if often stays up late , you can not easily produce dark circles !

4 instead of toothpaste with kiwi

Brush your teeth after a meal does keep you fresh breath , make teeth look whiter , glossier . But brushing too frequently will damage the surface of the tooth enamel , white teeth make a premature aging ! (http://vegetarianpluebeauty.blogspot.com).

Dental experts recommend that, in addition to brushing morning and evening , but after every meal to eat a kiwi ! Kiwi fruit contains a lot of vitamin C and D, known as the " fruit of gold " , it can effectively polymerized calcium in teeth , make your teeth stronger . More importantly, there is a certain macaques acid cleaning effect , drink a glass of water after eating kiwi , played a little better than the effect of poor brushing ! (http://vegetarianpluebeauty.blogspot.com).

5 with lemon instead of diet pills

Drinking 40 grams of pure lemon juice every day , the body's metabolic rate will increase by 21% , which is difficult to achieve any weight loss drugs are slimming effect . Citric acid composition can effectively promote visceral running speed , improve digestion, drink a glass of lemonade after a meal can help you quickly from the body fat , will not eat and get fat.

If you do not like the taste of citric acid , lemon juice after extrusion suggest you will , to the cup with ice and a little sugar, diluted before drinking ! (http://vegetarianpluebeauty.blogspot.com).

6 instead of shampoo with mango

The study found that mango mango keto acid component repair hair. Hot, the hair , the hair protein loss , the hair is prone to split ends, dry, and its use to repair lotion, mango juice is better to be cleaned once a week with the hair ! (http://vegetarianpluebeauty.blogspot.com).

Also, if you are busy this array , eating disorders , may wish to eat a mango postprandial mango can help the body absorb more high-quality animal protein and protein functioning in hair, make your hair glossy black , everyone envy ! (http://vegetarianpluebeauty.blogspot.com).

7 with papaya instead of eye drops

After prolonged use of computers , found that dry eyes , eyes dull ? Do not rush to use eye drops, eye drops , although the crystal hydration for long-term use , will make the eyes produce dependence.

Papaya papaya enzyme has good eyesight effect, eat a papaya every day , there will be no shortage of eye trouble crystals . In addition, after long hours of work , you can also put sliced ​​papaya , and deposited in the eyes , which can effectively relieve eye fatigue, reduce wrinkles around the eyes !

8 replaced with a cherry lip balm

85% of women eat cherries ! Cherry not only taste sweet, bright colors, it also nice Lip effect. Cherry iron content located on the first fruit , iron is the raw material for the synthesis of human hemoglobin , eat cherries , your lips can become bright , moist !

In addition, you can also cherry juice directly applied to the lips, cherry red component will remain on the lips for 2-3 hours , which the United States played a lot of lip balm comparable effect it ! (http://vegetarianpluebeauty.blogspot.com).

9 to do with wine bath water

The wine is poured into the bathtub, and then the whole body inside soak for 5 minutes, then massage your hands on the body until the body slightly heat up.

It is popular abroad , " wine bath ." It can nourish skin , dilation of blood vessels , relieve stress, and physical health . Note, however, sensitive skin with caution.


Woman eating these foods more beautiful (5)

Breast food

1 , soybean

Soy foods increase breast health boost. Because soybeans and food processing made ​​from soy contains isoflavones , this substance can reduce estrogen levels in the female body , reduce breast discomfort . If you eat two meals a day of food containing soy , such as tofu, soy milk , etc., will be very beneficial for breast health . (http://vegetarianpluebeauty.blogspot.com)

2 , edible fungi

White fungus, black fungus , mushrooms, Hericium , Poria and other food, is a natural biological response modifier , can enhance human immunity , there is a strong anti-cancer effect. Research shows that eating mushroom women 's breast health points . (http://vegetarianpluebeauty.blogspot.com)

3 , kelp

Kelp is a large species of edible algae, for women, not only beauty, hair, weight loss and other health effects , but also the adjuvant treatment of breast hyperplasia. The study found that kelp possesses a relief role in mammary gland hyperplasia is the result of which contains a lot of iodine, can promote ovarian follicular luteinization, endocrine disorders have been adjusted to reduce the risk of women suffering from breast hyperplasia . (http://vegetarianpluebeauty.blogspot.com)

4 , nuts, seeds, foods

Seeds, nuts contain lecithin, including soybeans, peanuts, almonds are rich in protein , walnuts, sesame seeds , which contain large amounts of antioxidants , may play anti-cancer effect. Moreover , nuts and seeds foods increase the body 's intake of vitamin e , which is rich in vitamin e taken to make breast tissue more elastic . (http://vegetarianpluebeauty.blogspot.com)

5 , fish and seafood

Fish, snapper , catfish , octopus, octopus , squid , sea cucumbers , oysters and seaweed, Sargassum , etc. , rich in essential trace elements , has a unique role in the protection of the breast . (http://vegetarianpluebeauty.blogspot.com)

6 , milk and dairy products

Milk and dairy products are rich in calcium, good breast health .

7 , colored fruits

Grapes , kiwi , lemon , strawberry , citrus, figs , etc., so that women intake of vitamins , but also access to anti- cancer substances . (http://vegetarianpluebeauty.blogspot.com)

8 , vegetables

Vegetables and staple food with a reasonable , not only conducive to good health, if the daily diet to ensure adequate intake of vegetables , eat more tomatoes, carrots, cauliflower , squash , garlic, onions, asparagus , cucumber , gourd , radish and some green leafy vegetables and so on helpful to maintain breast health .

9 , cereals

Cereals such as wheat ( flour ) , corn and regular consumption of these grains are breast health effects . Wheat contains large amounts of soluble and insoluble fiber, soluble fiber helps the body reduce cholesterol ; insoluble fiber helps prevent cancer , corn is definitely more nutrition experts for the best breast food . (http://vegetarianpluebeauty.blogspot.com).


Woman eating these foods more beautiful (4)

5 Antioxidant model : nuts

   Rich in vitamin E, nuts ( cashews, walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts , etc. ) in addition to have antioxidant functions, but also to repair skin tissue , but also because nuts contain high fat , if taken in excess , not only have caused dangerous fat oxidation reaction caused by the high oil will damage the antioxidant effect of vitamin E . Therefore, nutritionists recommend that people should intake of such foods , but also the right amount , or too far . (http://vegetarianpluebeauty.blogspot.com).

6 antioxidant model : Cauliflower

   Appearance, cruciferous cauliflower , in addition to rich in vitamins A, C , but also contains a unique antioxidant , it almost has all the antioxidants in one , so it 's antioxidant properties than other foods better , but also cancer star , so you do not miss this kind of defend your youth vegetables. (http://vegetarianpluebeauty.blogspot.com).

   7 anti-oxidation model : Blueberries

   Berry fruit is rich in β -carotene and vitamin C, both of which ingredients are antioxidants in most of the medical profession are certainly substances, so compact , beautiful strawberries, blueberries , cranberries you want to expel special taste . In addition , potassium and soluble fiber it contains , but also lower blood cholesterol levels and reduce the chances of suffering from high blood pressure too ! (http://vegetarianpluebeauty.blogspot.com).

   Antioxidant 8 model : Garlic

   Do not fear the taste of garlic and garlic away , it not only has antioxidant effects, as well as to promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism function , can help detox weight loss too! It contains sulfur compounds with anti- redox , not only can effectively lower cholesterol , but also the prevention of hypertension and cardiovascular disease. If you're really not feeling garlic , may wish to eat garlic, garlic leaves, garlic oil . Also remember that if you eat a cup of milk after garlic, garlic annoying they did not, and do not believe you can try. (http://vegetarianpluebeauty.blogspot.com).

   9 Antioxidant model : Spinach

   Spinach are rich in β -carotene and vitamin C, so it is on the top ten list of food antioxidant . In addition it also contains many minerals and folic acid, iron, potassium, magnesium , etc., they are able to effectively lower blood pressure , boost mood. However, you should pay attention to eating spinach is best boiled with water , filtered look to avoid oxalate stones . (http://vegetarianpluebeauty.blogspot.com).

   10 antioxidant model : Oats

   Rich in protein, calcium, riboflavin , thiamine and other ingredients of oats is the only whole grains foods topped the top ten anti- oxidizing charts . Daily intake of the right amount of oats can accelerate metabolism, accelerate the synthesis of amino acids , and promote cell renewal , and therefore insist on drinking a bowl of oatmeal every day of it, it can make you radiant too !


Woman eating these foods more beautiful (3)

Dark Circles food

Anti-aging foods

   1 Antioxidant model : tomato

   "Time Magazine " voted out of the 10 kinds of antioxidant food among the strongest firepower to deal with anti-aging weapon is tomatoes. This is because tomatoes are rich in lycopene , and lycopene antioxidant capacity is 20 times the vitamin C , can be said that the antioxidant super fight. (http://vegetarianpluebeauty.blogspot.com)

   Because there are several categories of tomatoes , in the end choose which one is better? That is a small tomato , its higher content of vitamin C , antioxidant firepower can make a number of further fierce . (http://vegetarianpluebeauty.blogspot.com)

   Also, how should eat tomato antioxidant can be more effective? That is ripe to eat. Although the tomato ( tomato sauce , tomato juice , canned tomatoes ) cooked or processed contains vitamin C will be destroyed , but the content of lycopene increase several times more powerful antioxidant . So nutritionists strongly recommend to people Tomatoes , also suggested that high intake of people . (http://vegetarianpluebeauty.blogspot.com)

 The 2nd Antioxidant model : Grapes

   Tomato antioxidant firepower violent , not much inferior grapes . Grape seed anthocyanin glycosides , which is 20 times the antioxidant capacity of vitamin C , vitamin E, 50 times . But as the fruit of grapes or drink grape juice fermentation process because less antioxidant ingredients much less firepower correspondingly smaller. And with wine grapes after fermentation due to its antioxidant capacity can be improved, with firepower(http://vegetarianpluebeauty.blogspot.com)

   The 3rd antioxidant model : Green tea

   The same fierce firepower antioxidant green tea also has a solution to the oil and greasy , fresh breath function, so you can insist on drinking, both anti-aging and helps to lose weight, why not ? (http://vegetarianpluebeauty.blogspot.com)

   The 4th antioxidant model : Salmon

   Salmon is " Times," the only antioxidant foods list of meat . Delicious delicious salmon , because it contains the omega-3 super- polyunsaturated fatty acids , so there is a strong antioxidant , and general poultry or livestock meat , because of which the higher omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acid ratio will affect its antioxidant function , it is because of two unsaturated fatty acids the human body must maintain a certain ratio , intake of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids , the body will be able to balance the two kinds of unsaturated fatty acid ratio , accordingly from the anti-oxidant effect. Of course, the wild salmon firepower definitely more powerful than farmed salmon. (http://vegetarianpluebeauty.blogspot.com).


Woman eating these foods more beautiful (2)

Dark Circles food

Eggs, sesame seeds , carrots and other five foods that can make you buy expensive luxury because of the province , and " bleeding " , just to increase their intake in the diet , and dark circles can make you easy to say byebye!


As the eggs are rich in quality protein , and protein can promote cell regeneration , so regular consumption of eggs, increase protein intake, for ease of formation of dark circles there is a certain efficacy . But because the body can only absorb a maximum daily nutrient contained two eggs , so eggs should not eat more than two . (http://vegetarianpluebeauty.blogspot.com).


The role of sesame UFA known, but its effectiveness may eliminate dark circles a little known .

Sesame is rich in nourishing the eye and ocular effects , which can ease the formation of dark circles . Both make beautiful black hair , but also to eliminate dark circles , do both , no wonder some people sesame considered magical " magic food ." (http://vegetarianpluebeauty.blogspot.com).

In addition to sesame seeds, other foods rich in vitamin E, as well as peanuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds , etc.


In addition to vitamin E can nourish the eye and ocular effects , there is also this general effect.

Carrot is to increase the intake of vitamin A choice that can maintain the normal function of epithelial tissue , improve dark circles . In addition, carrots contain vitamin A also helps to improve vision , especially vision in the dark. (http://vegetarianpluebeauty.blogspot.com).

Other foods also contain vitamin A liver, butter, eggs , alfalfa, apricots.


Because iron is a core component composition. Thus , the added amount of iron can promote increased hemoglobin , thereby enhancing its ability to transport points and nutrients. The seaweed is rich in iron , so often taking kelp, can alleviate dark circles problems.

Other iron-rich foods as well as animal liver , lean meat and so on(http://vegetarianpluebeauty.blogspot.com).


Frequent use of computers drinking green tea supplement specific plant nutrients, eliminate dark circles caused by computer radiation.

Concentrated polyphenols contained in green tea can inhibit free radical damage to the skin support fibers , is today widely recognized as the most effective anti-free radical factor . Drink decaffeinated green tea can not only eliminate dark circles, which contains catechins , both to help the body metabolize fat , but also help sleep , sleep can not only stable , but also people are not likely to have a feeling. (http://vegetarianpluebeauty.blogspot.com).

In addition, topical green tea bag alleviate dark circles can also play a role . Just after drinking iced tea bag in the refrigerator for a while , out to 20 minutes deposited in the eyes , dark circles can get some relief .


Woman eating these foods more beautiful (1)

1 , pumpkin seeds eliminate acne

Nutrition experts say that pumpkin seeds are acne nemesis, because it is rich in zinc. The latest professional journals "Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology" found that people generally lack the president acne zinc . Eat one every day , two zinc tablets can be solved. (http://vegetarianpluebeauty.blogspot.com)

2 , watercress prevent facial edema

Experts suggest that a daily intake of watercress (also known as the Dutch mustard ) . It contains antioxidants , can reduce inflammation and shrink pores ; while the iron can make you radiant. Professional journal "American Journal of Clinical Nutrition" found that it can increase your blood antioxidant levels , reduce the loss of DNA. (http://vegetarianpluebeauty.blogspot.com)

3 , spinach make the eyes more power

Spinach is rich in lutein, a lot of studies show that it is critical to protect the eyes , let your eyes bright and clear. Eat one to two bowls a day , which is about a large portion of spinach salad. Experts say that for some people, this may seem a lot of weight . You can use the juice machine, labeled cup intake is sufficient . (http://vegetarianpluebeauty.blogspot.com)

4 , apple shape charming smile

According to experts, one day an apple , dentists away from me ( especially do tooth bleaching dentists ) . This crunchy fruit can be confirmed after drinking coffee, tea or red wine stains teeth left clear , and gave you no macular smile. (http://vegetarianpluebeauty.blogspot.com)

5 , green beans into the black stuff to help you

Green beans are rich in silica (silicon), one study found that supplements a day to eat a piece of silicon , after nine months , the hair becomes significantly more robust , dense. Dermatologists recommend to microwave frozen green beans look, as a low-calorie snack food . (http://vegetarianpluebeauty.blogspot.com)

6 , flaxseed , dry skin treatment

A new study in the "British Journal" was published, found that flaxseed is the best weapon against psoriasis . Experts say that because it contains omega-3 fatty acids can help moisturize the skin , keeping skin soft and smooth. You can put flaxseed sprinkled on salads , or add a teaspoon of ground flaxseed in corn flakes or yogurt , or you can put together on a cookie or cake bake (http://vegetarianpluebeauty.blogspot.com).

7 , kiwi make you look younger

If you want to someday be able to look like Halle Berry is so beautiful , you eat kiwi . It is an excellent source of vitamin C for him , can be strengthened to protect collagen to slow down the aging process. The more collagen in your skin , the skin more firm and elastic , 15 years later, still looks hot. (http://vegetarianpluebeauty.blogspot.com)

8 eggs healthy nail

Want nails strong and healthy , doctors recommend the eggs ( one week to eat a few ) . Eggs are rich in vitamin H, studies have found that this nutrient is to allow super- hard key to your nails. . (http://vegetarianpluebeauty.blogspot.com).